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Let’s Talk Fashion πŸŽ€πŸ‘—πŸ‘Ÿ

Hallo and Guten Tag, readers! β™₯

Today, I’m going to be posting a post on something that I wouldn’t usually talk about – fashion. Let’s go!


Fashion. It’s something that, visually, defines who we are. A person’s sense of style tells others a lot about them, and I find that fascinating. Sometimes, I like being stuck in traffic in busy cities like London because you get a chance to actually take your surroundings in perspective instead of speeding past them. I always like to look at the buildings, the shops, the cafes, and the people. The first thing you notice about someone is their clothing, because, as much as clothes are there to cover ourselves, they’re also there for style. I mean, people even have jobs in clothes – modelling, designing, sewing… There’s no end to it! The first definition of ‘fashion’ in the Oxford Dictionary is described as:

“A popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.”

But, see, that’s exactly what fashionΒ isn’t.Β Not for me, anyway. For me, fashion is expressing yourself through the language of clothes, whether the clothes are new or ‘trendy’ or not. Sure, it’s great to have clothes that are in fashion, but if you’re always trying to keep up with the latest trend because those shoes are ‘so last season,’ then how are you supposed to wear what you actually like? How are you supposed to wear clothes that are completely and utterly ‘you?’

Image result for thats so last season gif

There are millions of fashion styles in the world – sophisticated, preppy, sexy, bohemian, chic, casual… And you’re supposedly going to fit into one of them, but personally, I feel that there are actually 7.6 billion styles in the world. One for each and every living person. After all, that’s what this blog is about – being unique! I believe that every single person is unique, and so are their fashion styles! Okay, so, I’m gonna talk about me. I think the word to describe my fashion style is ‘tomboy,’ but I’ve just put together a few pictures anyway to give you an idea of my ideal outfit.


Okay, okay, earphones aren’t clothes but for me, they’re definitely compulsory. IΒ can’tΒ leave the house without them. Music helps me concentrate and is basically all I do all day πŸ˜‚. Anyway, you can vaguely make out my sense of style. What about you? What kind of style do you guys have? So, for the rest of the post, I’m just going to post a few pictures of some models that I think are wearing gorgeousΒ clothes to wrap it up. Yeah, they might not be clothes I’d wear myself, but I think they look pretty good! What are your opinions? Comment which number is your favourite!

Image result for tyra banks modelling wearing dresses
Here’s the stunning Tyra Banks in a beautiful Asian-Desi inspired dress, which she once wore on AGT. I have no words 😍 This isn’t something I’d wear, but it’s bare pretty still!
Image result for cindy crawford sneakers
Here’s Cindy Crawford in a casual yet classy denim outfit whilst grabbing a quick latte (or two!). I think she looks great, keeping it minimalist. And those Nike trainers… Hell yeah! πŸ™
Image result for gigi hadid modelling casual
Gigi Hadid is totally rocking both these crop-top outfits whilst strutting around New York, and I think those yellow heels on the right was a bold choice, but it works! Personally, I hate pink and wouldn’t wear these, but it’s awesome on her! πŸ’―
Image result for kendall jenner vintage
Wow. Seriously. Here’s Kendall Jenner wearing fabulously vintage Levi’s jeans… And it works so well! Her top is, hey, maybe a little revealing but it makes a good combo! πŸ–€

That’s it,Β chicas!Β I think the closest outfit to my style would be Cindy Crawford keeping it casual. Sometimes, the plainest of clothes say the most about a person. Anyway,Β adios!

Have an amazing day, and Stay UniquelyYou! β™₯Β 


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