One Year being UNIQUE! {One year blogiversary!} πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ


Okay,Β so you might be just aΒ little taken aback by my… enthusiastic welcome. But, yes, I have a very solid reason as to why I’m behaving like a hyper kitten who just scoffed down 10 spoons of pure sugar. (Isn’t the GIF just adorable?!

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So I got this notification today…

One year blog]

Yes, my lovelies, it is UniquelyMe’s 1 year anniversary! I joined this community on the 29th August 2017, and even now I still have so much support and love from all the other bloggers. Even though I’m not a big blogger (that’s a HUGE understatement – at this point I have 34 followers only πŸ˜‚), I’m still so grateful for each and every follower I have. You have all helped me grow and take comfort in writing things that are personal, knowing that I won’t get judged. I want to thank all the other bigger bloggers who have helped me throughout this experience – you know who you are – and I hope we can continue.

Sometimes, while seeing other bloggers and how muchΒ theyΒ achieved in one year (AHEM…Β DGGYST, with 5,000 followers in a year!!), well, it really brings me down. I remember just a week ago I was slouching on the sofa, binge-watching Friends as usual, when I realized thatΒ wowΒ was my life sad. I was super depressed that day because I knew I wasn’t exactly a good blogger, but then I also realized that that was only to blame on myself. I’ve taken really long breaks, been inactive loads and then when I am active, I produce shi**y content. Seriously.

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And this, Uniquifiers, is where you all come in. I seriously need your help! Comment down below the kind of posts and topics you like to see, so I can try to take that in and post things that people will actually want to read. As most of you know, I had a blog before this – Wavigirl – but I changed it to this one because I wanted to start fresh. But in order to do that, I need you to tell me what you want to read! Don’t be afraid! I need some good, harsh criticism, too – it helps. That way, I know what I need to improve on and what I need to take forward and work harder on.

I’ve always taken my blog lightly, but now I realize that this community, this blog, is way more important to me than I took it for. Taking it for granted is probably the first reason why I’m not that successful. I mean, it’s like a virtual diary, but instead of getting no response, you get the loveliest comments and the loveliest people!

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ANYWAY, enough of the… begging. I’m still psyched that I’ve made it this far without giving up. Yes, I’ve taken breaks without telling you all, but I seriously apologize. Now, what with summer ending and my FAVORITE season starting, I can start anew both with my school life and with this blog. From now on, my Blogiversary resolution is to be as active as I can and to produce content you will actually like. I’ve scanned through millions of websites on Google, my search history full of ‘good blog post ideas’ and ‘ how to be a good blogger,’ but then I thought, what better way to be a good blogger than ask you guys what you actually want?

So, for now, I’m going to end it here! Do make sure to comment – criticism or advice, I really don’t care. Because, quite frankly, I need help and I’ll take anything right now. Anything πŸ˜‚.

Have an amazing day, and Stay UniquelyYou! β™₯Β 

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