Thinking About The Future βœ¨πŸŒ

Ciao my beautiful readers and welcome back to my blog! β™₯

Today I’m back with another short post that you can probably all relate to. It’s going to be a little deep, so grab a pillow and let’s get started!


I was a 7 year old kid when I first found out that I was in love with books and writing, and ever since I won a writing competition, I’ve always wanted to be an author. I can’t imagine ever wanting or ever even being anything else… Apart from Princess Tiana when I was six, but you know. So, let’s talk. What do you guys wanna be? Have you already got your dream job or are you still working towards it? Comment down below!
But then, that’s when things get more complicated. As I grew up, I discovered I had a hidden talent and passion for photography and binge-watching Netflix until it asked me ‘if I was still watching.’Β 

Now, I should probably let you guys know about my Myers-Briggs personality type. Have you ever taken the the test? It’s basically a VERY accurate personality test that, after answering a few questions, tells you everything about yourself from the way you think, talk, work and even socialize. If you haven’t taken it yet, take itΒ here.

Anyways, me, I’m aΒ Mediator.Β That means that I’m a complete and utter dreamer, which is so accurate I can’t even begin to tell you! So when I think about the future, well, that’s just it. I don’t think at all – I dream. I can see myself sitting in a cafe in London, sipping a caramel latte whilst typing away a new story on my laptop. Now, I know to some it probably seems far-fetched, but I can’t help it… It’s just how I am. But then when I think logically about it, I realize that to get there, to get to the point to actually be a successful author with a decent amount of money, is very tough.

Venice edited

Then with photography as a hobby on the side, my plan for travelling the world, and my HUGE love for music (listening to it, anyway), it all turns out to be kind of… unstable. I mean, being an author is literally sharing a piece of your imagination, your dreams, with the world. And for me, that is what is most precious for any person. The bad side of it is, that you can so easily get judged for your imagination based on a simple, measly book review, and that’s what scares me the most. What if I turn out to be a terrible author? I have absolutely NO back-up plan. Nothing. Zilch.

The future is scarier than it seems, so that’s why I try and live every moment of the present to its fullest. Who knows if you’ll even have a future? And if you do, how do you know for sure it’s going to be successful? I’ve always lived in my own little bubble, dreaming about the future, automatically assuming everything will play out just as I had planned. But after a talk with my parents, that bubble popped. That’s why I’d say one of my biggest fears is definitely the future. So my advice to you all and myself is to live life to the fullest, but be aware that every second counts. Work hard, live hard, love hard, and everything will turn out okay. Dream.

live life rihanna

So, what are your thoughts for the future? Let’s talk about it… This whole post has been only about me πŸ˜…. For now, though, I’m gonna end it here, so I bid you allΒ adieu!

Have an amazing day, and Stay UniquelyYou! β™₯Β 

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