Songs To Chill To This Summer 🌸☀️

Heya Uniquifiers! ♥️

Hey! ‘Sup? How’s your summer coming along? What are you all doing this time round? Make sure to comment below all your awesome holiday destinations to make me burn with envy! All of my friends are either in the Maldives, Hawaii, Tenerife or other super tropical places that are totally Pinterest worthy. *Dramatic sigh.*

Meanwhile, I can’t say much ‘cause I’m in the beautiful, the fantabulous… London! And let me tell you now, is it HOT! Phew! It feels like I’m in Miami, or something! And yes, even though I’m practically always here, I’m visiting London for quite a while to attend a wedding. Annd… just chill, yano? 😎

Speaking of chilling, I’ve prepared for y’all an awesome summery playlist to chill to, whether you’re sipping on a pina colada at the beach or even if you’re just dancing like crazy with your best friend in your bedroom. There’s a link to the playlist at the bottom of this post, so if you want you can just skip the reading 😂. Anyways, let’s get started!


22 – Taylor Swift

Okay, this is a must-have for a summer playlist. What else fits your holiday better than a song about best friends, partying and being young?

All Star – Smash Mouth

Sometimes we need an old throwback to add some edgy vibes to our playlists, and this is perfect for just that. You have no idea how much I have screamed this song in the shower in the past week. Just ask my fed-up neighbours.

Basically All Fuse ODG Songs

Ah, Fuse ODG is probably one of the artists whose songs I play on repeat. His songs, tinted with a gorgeous African accent, are sure to get you up on your feet regardless of how late it is or even how lazy you are. Some I recommend are Antenna, Dangerous Love and T.I.N.A.

Backstreet Boys!

This needs no explanation, because I’m sure you already have their songs on your playlist anyway… Right?

Baby – Justin Bieber, Ludacris

Hate me all you want, but I have also gone through a phase of hating this song, to loving it, to hating it again and now BACK TO LOVIN’ IT! It’s way too iconic to not listen to at least once this summer.

Spanish Songs!

Si! Spanish songs are muy importante for a fun and upbeat summer. Everything about them are perfect: The accent, the music, the lyrics – which, by the way, we have no idea what they mean but still attempt to sing along to anyway. Notice my use of the word ‘attempt.’ I’ve added a few on a summer playlist that I’ve inserted a link to at the bottom of this post.

Boom Clap – Charli XCX

I don’t know why, but this song just feels like summer. The music video, too. Listen to it on repeat now, and when you’re miserably staring out of a window in Winter as a raindrop slowly trickles down the glass, play this song then, too, close your eyes and voila! Instant throwback.

High School Musical Songs!

I don’t really need to say anything as it’s pretty obvious why I’ve added these. Just LISTEN TO THEM. NOW.


Okay guys, well I’m gonna stop it at that because I know I could go on forever, but I’ve added tons of more songs in the playlist below. So, keep cool and enjoy your summer! Comment below if you liked my choice of songs 💁 For now, though, Bye Bye Bye! (Sneaky little reference there!)

Have an amazing day, and Stay UniquelyYou! ♥ 

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