Honesty… And Stuff

Heya readers! ♥

I don’t know if the title of this post attracted you or not, but either way I’m going to be straight-up… Honesty is key in life. I was talking to a few friends today, and they said that I was living a lie, and it was stupid. That half my life was lies, that I never told them the truth. At first, I was FURIOUS that they talked to me like that, and YES, yes, I stormed out of the class, giving a lame excuse that ‘I needed to go to the bathroom.’ But then I thought about it. Like, really thought. I realized that I did lie to my friends, but only because my life was spent living in my dreams, and obsessing over Jamie Campbell Bower. Obviously. I mean, the Mortal Instruments were and are my life! I lied to my friends, but only because I was scared that they wouldn’t like me for me. I was afraid. I was afraid that if I was too boring, or too weird, then they wouldn’t accept me. And to be totally honest, they already don’t. I say ‘friends,’ but I’m practically hanging on the edge of the group. At the moment, my only true friends are books, as sad as that sounds. And you guys, of course. Geez, you must be thinking, “Who is this saddo who posts her depressing life on the Internet for us to read? I’m unfollowing her now.” But before you do that, you need to know that what I’ve done, what I’m doing, is so, so wrong.

All I ever needed to do, all you guys ever need to do to be accepted is be yourself, and never lie about the things that matter. There’s no point! And if people DO end up mocking you for being you, then they clearly need some serious therapy, because being honest is the best thing you could do. You can only go so far, and if that does happen, no offense, reader, but you need some new friends. Why did I share something like this with you? So that when I make the stupid mistakes I make that ruin my life, I can blog about it and keep you from doing it, so that you don’t do the same. I was originally thinking of keeping this in my drafts because it’s not exactly my idea or probably anyone else’s idea of a good ‘entertaining’ blog post, but I really think that it helps me sharing things like this with you. Being anonymous, I can share things more freely and know that I won’t be as judged than if I revealed my identity. This post may have been short, but it was important and close to me. I may have just lost the only half-friends I had today, but at least now I can choose my next choices more carefully. The main message was, basically, to tell you to be honest. Always.

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Sorry for the heavy post, guys, but I swear the next one will be… lighter. I just really had to get this out of me, like I haven’t edited it or checked it even once! Thanks for reading!

Have an amazing day, and Stay UniquelyYou! ♥

4 thoughts on “Honesty… And Stuff

  1. You should be proud of sharing this! I’m glad you wrote it and posted it because I’m sure it was helpful for you and it can also seriously help others. I love that you realized the importance of self-acceptance. Amazing post!

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