Stereotypes… (Aargh!)

“Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people.” – Martina Navratilova.

Heya there my gorgeous unique readers! (Ignore the cringe.) ☺

As the title says, ‘Stereotypes… Aargh!’ And, yes, if you haven’t already guessed from the obvious title, that is what I’ll be talking about today. Stereotypes. They’re EVERYWHERE, from movies to TV shows, from billboards to school. Wherever you turn, there will always be a stereotype. You can’t not go through a day without expecting a stereotype being thrown against you or someone else, whatever it may be. Here are a few that really get on my nerves:

1. “Girls can’t do sports as well as boys.”

Aargh! God, I absolutely detest this one. I mean, why? Aren’t we just as human as you? Let me remind you of the most incredible female sportswomen we currently have living on this very planet:

Veronica Campbell-Brown, with 6 amazing Olympic medals.

Steph Houghton, the captain of England and Manchester City FC, one amazing captain at that, who, as you can see, has led her teams to so many victories.

I mean, these are just to name a couple, but the list can go on and on and on. I play football myself and love it! I can’t imagine ever seeing a ball and not wanting to immediately kick it around. Why is being a girl a trait that prevents us from being ‘good’ at sports? There’s no logic to it. We’re not all Regina Georges, I’m sorry to say.

Image result for girl playing football gif

 2. “You’re such a geek!”

Again, this really gets to me. I’m sorry, okay, but being Homecoming Queen and sashaying around the corridors of high school in hot pink heels isn’t gonna get you anywhere in life. High school is just a short period of your life that, of course, is important, but should be spent exactly like that: importantly. Learn all you can, because when you grow older, you’ll be the one with a fancy car, a nice house and a happy family, whilst the people who used to call you ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’ will be rotting away with a job at McDonald’s. No offense, Ronald.


3. “She’s such a Plastic!”

Okay, okay, I get that sometimes we all discriminate against these make-up lovers sometimes, but just because they use cosmetics, it doesn’t mean that they are shallow, horrible people! Just because they’re popular, it doesn’t mean that they should instantly be classed as ‘Mean Girls.’ Yes, they may sometimes walk around like Barbies, but they’re still human. I know a pretty large group of girls who are so beautiful that it makes me sometimes burn with envy, but, as much as they act like prim girly-girls, when I got to know them better, they actually have souls! *Shocked silence.* Yes, even they, the almighty goddesses of beauty, feel insecure. Even they have to sometimes hide their love for reading because they’re afraid people will mock them. Even they stand in front of the mirror every morning worrying about how they look. Just remember, before you link arms with your best friend and say, “Look at her! Her face is PILED with makeup,” just remember, that they’re just like us.

Image result for mean girls gif

4. “They’re a Muslim so they must be a terrorist.”

This is sadly one of the most global stereotypes. Women in hijab have been getting persecuted for their beliefs. A whole day was created just to harm Muslims on the 4th of April this year. Places have been bombed, mosques have been attacked, and, just because of a few mindless individuals, the whole race and ethnicity of Muslims have been blamed. It’s just like saying, “Hey, one of these apples are bad, so the whole bowl of them must be bad, too. Let’s chuck them all in the bin because they’re obviously trash.” I mean, what is the point? When the Jews went through the Holocaust, we all remembered them and felt for them, and what is happening to the Muslims now is just as bad, worse even. Walking through the streets for a Muslim hijabi is almost unthinkable nowadays, all because of the pointing fingers, the unkind whispers. Come on, people! Have some humanity! 


5. “They’re British so they must love tea, talk about the weather all the time and sit with the Queen of England.”

Honestly. Honestly, this one is just… plain annoying. For your information, I am British and I, for one, don’t love tea. I’m actually more of a coffee person, but you know. That doesn’t matter. I’m still British. And, no, we don’t talk about the weather 24/7. I mean, where d’ya think Shakespeare came from? Do you think he would have been an international literary phenomenon if he wrote plays with names like ‘The Stormy Day’ or ‘Landslides in London?’ That’s what I thought. Open your minds, people! And, obviously, we do not all sit with the Queen of England, although I wouldn’t exactly mind that. We have real, social lives and we’re not all posh people who ‘attend elegant social gatherings’ every evening. We just happen to have been born on this particular large piece of land. Is that wrong?


Well, these were only five of the millions of stereotypes that exist, but they’re probably the ones that annoy me the most. Why do they even need to exist? It’s so frustrating! They separate us as people and lead us to believe what things ‘should’ be like when, instead, life is supposed to flow naturally. Life finds a way. (See my little Jurassic World reference there? *Wink, wink*)

Anyway, what about you? Which one of these five irritates you the most? Do you have a different one that you despise even more? Let me know in the comments below. Bye, y’all (:

Have an amazing day, and Stay UniquelyYou! ♥


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