I’m Leaving?!

Hey. For all you new readers out there, all these posts are from my old blog. From now on, I’m starting totally fresh ☺ My old blog? WaviGirl

Hello, beautiful readers ♥

Annd… Yes! Well, no. I’m not leaving WordPress, or blogging, so don’t worry (: I’m just moving to a new website. Why? Mostly personal reasons, but also for a fresh start. (Plus the fact that I was locked out of my account).

Well, that’s it, to be honest. I better stop typing because my dad is waking up and yelling at me for typing too loudly on the keyboard, haha. I’ve already uploaded all my old posts onto my new blog so y’all remember me. Here’s the link to it: UniquelyMe. That’s it! Sorry for the short post. Please be sure to follow my new blog!


🌊 Love, WaviGirl x 🌊



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