First Ever Nomination!!!🏆🎀

Heyyy! ♥

So, as you might be able to tell, I’ve been nominated for my first ever award!! Yayy! It’s the Entertainer Blogger Award, which I’ve been nominated for by Starling – Thank you so so much! I’m honestly so grateful!! Please check her out because she is too good of a person (and blogger!) to even be true! 😂

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you!
  2. Add rules for others to follow
  3. Nominate people!
  4. Answer questions below!
  5. Display award photo in post!

And here are the nominees: 

These are MY answers to the questions I’ve received (:

What is your ambition?  -:  I would say that becoming an author/photographer is basically one of  the things I would love to achieve most in life, along with simply being happy and enjoying life.Would you like to be famous? Why or why not? -: Actually, being famous isn’t really something that is important to me. As long as what I do is enjoyable and isn’t something too stressful, then yeah, I don’t mind! But, admittedly, we all do have our inner desires and dreams to be famous one day, even though they’re just fantasies. If I was famous, I would like it to be because of blogging, photography, or books.

Is it morning, afternoon or evening there right now? -: Evening (:

What are you thankful for? -: Everything! My life, my friends, the fact that I have a nice home environment, everything! Honestly, my life is so peaceful and perfect! I always think that every little bad thing that happens is a huge calamity, taking over my whole life, but then I realize that other people have bigger worries! So, yeah, I’m thankful for everything!

What is your favourite play ground equipment? -: That’s an easy one – definitely the swings. Since I was small, I loved the feeling of almost flying. I was once told that if you swung high enough, you could land on a cloud, where there was a castle waiting for you to be their princess. And yes, I believed it! 😂 Okay, this has inspired me to do a short piece of writing!! 

The girl closed her eyes and began swinging, feeling the soft summer heat radiating against her face. She felt a gentle breeze rush past her and tangle her long, blonde hair, immediately calming her. She could hear quiet chirping sounds from the birds, flapping their wings as they sat in their nests. The rustling of the leaves, and the whispering of the wind. The slow, steady creaking of the chains she held onto, as if they were her life. The music of nature. As she slowly opened her eyes, she was stunned by the beauty of the world around her: the green grass, freshly cut and the clear, blue sky with pure, white clouds. She slowed the speed of the swing, and opened her book, just as she was whisked away in a magical world that only belonged to her. And then finally, a big, beautiful smile crept onto her lips as she sighed in content and continued swinging, slower this time. Her phone beeped next to her. She ignored it – she didn’t care about school gossip, or social media, about celebrity news, about anything. Right now, right then, everything was perfect.

What is your favourite fruit? Hmm… That’s difficult… Probably oranges or strawberries.

Do you like gifs? Do I like gifs? Do I like gifs? Yes!! I  absolutely LOVE gifs!! 

On a scale of 1-10, rate ovens. Hmm… Strange question! But probably 9, because I love to bake and cook!

Favorite sport? Football, by far! My favourite team is definitely Arsenal. And don’t even let me get STARTED on Alexis Sanchez! Best team EVER!

What is your favorite quote? Good question! I have so many that it’s impossible to pick! But out of all of them, it’s gonna have to be:Image result for inspiring quotes from winnie the pooh What is the reason behind your blog name? Well, if you’ve read my first post on this blog, you will know. But, I named my blog WaviGirl because of all the ups and downs in a teen girl’s life, just like there are ups and downs in the sea with the waves. Sometimes everything goes smoothly, but other times everything comes crashing down on you!

Here are my questions for y’all to answer!  I’ve only got 5:

  1. When and how did you get the inspiration for your blog?What is your favourite color?
  2. Do you live somewhere sunny?
  3. What are your hobbies?
  4. Who is your favorite blogger?

That’s it! Yet again, thank you SO much Starling for nominating me! And thank you readers! I’ve only just started this whole blog thing, and I’m kind of new to it all, but stay positive, right? For now, though, sayonara!

🌊 Love, WaviGirl x 🌊


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