Every Other Day?!

Heya Readers, ♥

So, okay, I admit I haven’t exactly been following my plan to write a blog every other day – which doesn’t exactly make me a good blogger. *gulp!* ( Not like I was one before, but yano 🤗)

But since school started, my life has literally been one big MESS!! I’ve already got a detention, which I’m REALLY looking forward to 😂! And all my homework is weighing me down SO MUCH!! I practically have like 5 pieces of it everyday! When I come home, all I wanna do is take a nice, warm shower and get into bed with a good book and some music. That is basically what I could live on every single day! (Preferably a Meg Cabot book – Those of you who have read or watched Princess Diaries will know what I’m talking about!) So, the point is, I COMPLETELY forgot about my blog until my AMAZING computing teacher (Thanks Miss SB!) gave us a lesson on how to make a website. Obviously, WaviGirl popped into my head and I practically FREAKED!! Let’s just say that maybe I’ll change the rules round a little – I think I might just do a post whenever I can. If y’all have any other preferences, then be sure to comment down below! 

Image result for chibird back to school

Anyway, I’m super sorry for neglecting my blog, and one of my New Year’s Resolutions (let’s leave out the fact that it’s not New Year yet out, mkay?) is to blog WAY more often than I have been doing so far. 

Moving on, if any of you read my Back To School post, then maybe you would remember the ‘tips’ *cough cough* I gave you to have a better start to school. Mainly – be positive!! I hope you guys have been more positive than I have lately, ‘cos I have NOT been following my own ‘advice.’ So, lemme know what you’ve all been up to lately, and whether your first month back to school has been a success or a disaster! (We all know my side of the story!!) But for now, I’mma have to go (Jump in a shower that is waiting for me at this very moment!)! I hope you have all had a great day, wherever you might be. See ya! 

🌊 Love, WaviGirl x 🌊


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