Are You Sure?

Hello again! ♥

Everyone dreams. Therefore everyone wishes. Desires.

As kids, we get excited at every little thing. We wish for chocolate and candy, for toy cars and Barbie dolls.

As teens, we wish for phones and outings, for friends and freedom.

But when we grow a little older, around 17-18, we wish to look  and feel older, to be admired. And in order to achieve this, we wish to smoke. We wish to drink. We wish to travel the world, without any care of our actual surroundings.

Then reality hits us like a crashing wave. We need to work, earn money, find a life partner who isn’t just there for the wealth. We take on so many responsibilities that we never even knew existed.

Whoever already has everything they’ve wished for – they don’t care or realize how important life actually is – how hard it is to actually earn our desires. The more they get, the less satisfied they are. They only want more, even if they have everything. They’re not V.I.PS… They’re just really lucky.

Whoever doesn’t have everything – for them – life is amazing. All they need is love and family – which is sometimes more than money. We can’t always depend on money to buy us everything. After all, money can’t buy us happiness, or love, or a family. Only we can do that. Only we can make ourselves happy by surrounding ourselves by the things and people we love.

We need to remember that not everyone’s wishes are fulfilled, because the truth is, very few people get everything they want.

You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Anything can strike at anytime and your whole life can change direction within a matter of seconds.

Who said that wishes always come true? The thing is, it’s not a fairy tale – it’s real life. Some people secure their kids’ futures with all these things like life insurance. But you don’t even know – your kids may die before you – it is possible! You can’t absolutely secure your future because you don’t even know what it holds. 

All we can do is to be safe. Be happy. Enjoy the present.

We always think of our ambitions before they actually happen. I’m going to go to Switzerland and open a successful business. I’m going to do this. I’m going to do that. It’s great to dream, but will it definitely happen?

The message is to just simply be happy and content with what we’ve got. Because in the end, are you sure?

🌊 Love, WaviGirl x 🌊



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